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Stanley Ley Legal Outfitters

Established 1908

Specializing in Legal Robes & Gowns, Wigs for Barristers and Judges, Legal Wigs, Lawyers Legal Wear and Attorneys Legal Wear, Court Tunic Shirts, Shirts & Tunics, Starched Collars, Soft Collars, Stiff Collars, Collar Studs, Collar Stiffeners, barrister bands, Tie Bands, Wig Stands, Cuffs Links plus many more legal accessories.

Ladies Half Tunic Court Shirt

Exclusively designed by Stanley Ley for those who wish to be more formal in Court. Made from 100% pure cotton, it simply fits under a jacket or robe and is extremely light and comfortable to wear. It includes a set of barrister bands and a front stud

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Summer 2015 Tunic Shirt Collection

Our latest exclusive collection of 100% cotton court tunic shirts with 2 day collars

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