Stanley Ley

  • Wigs


    All our legal wigs are handmade by craftsmen in England using traditional methods unchanged over centuries. They are made from 100% pure horsehair.
  • Bar Gowns & Robes

    Bar Gowns & Robes

    Our gowns are hand tailored in several specific cloths for the Bar and judiciary. We also provide robes and gowns for many civic appointments.

  • Court Tunic Shirts

    Court Tunic Shirts

    We provide tunic shirts to the Royal Courts of Justice. Many designs are available including the staples of plain white poplin (pure cotton) and an easycare (polycotton). These are complemented by a variety of collars for legal or formal use.
  • Collars, Studs & Stiffeners

    Collars, Studs & Stiffeners

    All collars are made from the finest 100% cotton and are made to fit our tunic shirts. Available to purchase on-line.
  • Barrister Bands & Collarettes

    Barrister Bands & Collarettes

    Court bands in various lengths, ladies collarettes and full bibs in white starched cotton.
  • Barrister Bags

    Barrister Bags

    Barrister bag made in England of pure cotton damask in blue, red or black.

    Each bag is individually made to order, therefore, please allow 10-15 working days to complete.
  • Accessories


    Cuff Links, Collar Boxes, Bands Cases, Wig Cases, Hand-crafted Legal Accessories. ie Gavel and Block etc.
  • Cuff Links, Tie Bars & Arm Bands

    Cuff Links, Tie Bars & Arm Bands

    Inns of Court crests and legal themed cufflinks
  • Legal Ties

    Legal Ties

    Inns of Court or Scales of Justice in woven silk or printed polyester
  • Call Offer

    Call Offer

    For pupils or students waiting to be called to the bar.